Schedule and Results of 2011

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SL Biwako Series, class: SS Series, 1st place
Participation in JAF national class: junior
Participation in the SL National Championships

2/27 Suzuka Championships, 1st round, Suzuka Circuit
3/20 SL Biwako Series, 1st round, Biwako Sportsland
3/27 JAF Junior Championships, 1st round, Nakayama Circuit
4/24 JAF Junior Championships, 2nd round, Biwako Sportsland
5/8 SL Inagawa Series, 4th round
6/12 SL Biwako series, 2nd round, Biwako Sportsland
6/19 JAF Junior Championships, 3rd round, Inagawa Circuit
7/10 SL Biwako series, 3rd round, Biwako Sportsland
7/24 JAF Junior Championships, 4th round, Nakayama Circuit
8/14 SL Biwako series, 4th round, Biwako Sportsland
9/4 JAF Junior Championships, 5th round, Mihama Circuit, Aichi prefecture
9/18 JAF Junior Championships, 5th round, Tsumagoi, Shizuoka prefecture
9/25 Open Kart Masters, final round, Suzuka Circuit, Mie prefecture
10/2 SL Biwako Series, 5th round, Biwako Sportsland, Shiga prefecture
10/16 JAF Junior Championships, final round, Suzuka Circuit
11/6 SL National Championships, Biwako Sportsland